Jamie Castillo
09.08.2017 16:57:00
Hi, Everyone,

I was at the Innes Street Drug 112 Main Street Salisbury location when it opened at 9am today [and stayed for several hours, even started to help customers ;-)].  Today is the last day this 91-year-old franchise will be open.  The owners, Mike & Julie Fuller, are retiring.

If anyone is a fan of Cheerwine, items are $5 off.  That may not seem like a lot, but the Fullers do not make anything on the Cheerwine items.  Sweatshirts $20, large bench signs are $30 [I think], Cheerwine bottle signs are $15.  Cold bottled Cheerwine is $0.99, and there is an ice cream soda shop on site... at least for today. ;-(

There are lots of Hallmark cards, 10 for $1.00. Yes, you read that right.  Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, Thank You, Valentines.  Really nice pens and key chains with names on them -- lots to choose from -- ranging from 25-50 cents.

If you know anyone who uses compression hose, the really expensive ones that are around $75 a pair -- those are 75% off -- so less than $20 a pair.

If anyone has a store and needs any kind of display units...

Odd batteries -- check up near the front cash register.

Hallmark ornaments from past years are only $1.

Wake Forest & NC Tarheels fans, there are items for you. [There may be some NC State stuff left, but that went pretty fast...]

There is an oak display cabinet with 3 glass shelves, $175 or best offer.

There are other antiques in the store -- remember this pharmacy is 91 years old -- so if you are a collector or know someone who is... make Mike an offer [ask Julie to help you with that; Mike is a little attached, understandably so]. -- If you know someone who can drop $2000 for an antique, very tall oak apothecary desk, today is their chance to get a really nice piece of history, especially if they want some of the original drug pestles and vials to go with it.

Don't forget the cards!!! If you walk out with 10 Hallmark cards for $1, you've already made your trip worthwhile!!!

Any happy hour is coming up from 2-5 [I think] at the ice cream soda shop, 1/2 price!

How often can you get multiple items for $1 nowadays?!  Hey, how often can you give your children $1 to shop for cards for the whole family?!  That will make them feel really good.

There are even old clipboards, and there are binders for 10 cents.  And I saw small stuffed animals, the fancy kind like you give for baby shower gifts, for around $2.

You are bound to find something!  Get your mind off of the hurricanes, and think about who you can bless with a little something, like a pen with their name on it [they write well], or an encouraging card [you know, the old fashioned way to communicate].

It's almost 1pm, and this email may take a couple hours to go through, so know that the doors close today "forever" at 5pm.

And, no, I am not getting paid to advertise for them.  This has been our family pharmacy since 1995.  I just want the Fullers to close well.  And, maybe you can say a prayer that their son gets the necessary financing to save the soda shop and expand his sportswear business that is next door.

Blessings to you all!
I hope you find something really good, something that you can use to bless someone else!

Love in Christ!
Jamie Castillo

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