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Ruth Chowdhury
03.11.2019 15:31:00

This is from a friend of a friend: 

I am copying in an excerpt from the Staff Ministry Supervisor of a Christian outdoor adventure camp called Camp Idrahaje in Colorado.  My daughter Julianna is excited to be a counselor there this summer.  This will be a ministry that she doesn’t have to raise money for and she will get a small weekly salary as well.  Apparently they have need of male counselors.  I found the section of his letter to his summer staff interesting and wanted to pass it on.  He was asking them to pray about the camp’s need for male counselors.  I think most of our families are different from the culture and thought you may have a son that would be interested in serving and experiencing this summer.  Go to  to find out more about the camp and the work opportunities.

Carolanne Bost


Our culture today tells young men that they need to work and make money. Many take on internships over the summer breaks during college. There is no longer space for ministry and service. Camps are in crisis all over the United States, struggling to fill male staff positions. Camps that don’t have need of counselors are going to all female staff. Christian colleges are now 60 to 65% female. We are losing our men to the culture of this world. Lack of male staff at camps is just a symptom of a bigger problem.

Internships can be great at preparing us for careers, but most are unpaid and do not necessarily lead to a job that we expect. Working at a camp, on the other hand, provides experiential and vocational preparation for any career. You learn responsibility. What is more valuable than kids? If you can be trusted with a parent’s child you can be trusted with anything. Communication skills. You communicate with parents, the camper, between staff, large groups, small groups, even technical communication like leading games.Leadership skills. You lead Bible studies, games, and skills; you lead campers. You will learn how to discipline people, how to listen to people, how to empathize with people. You will learn how to work. Strangely, many people give up when things get hard. At camp there is no giving up. You have to stick in there and learn how to ask for help, how to rely on your teamand most important how to rely on God when you are beyond yourself.

We all know that school is expensive. At IdRaHaJe we have worked hard at building our summer staff scholarship foundation to greatly alleviate the “cost” of doing this ministry rather than earning income. As someone working here this summer you have had to say, “I trust you God, even with my finances.” To truly believe that God can provide is a learned experience. And what a glorious lesson it is!

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