Son Looking for a Job

Lena Shook
03.10.2019 19:50:00
My 18-year-old son, Zac, is looking for part time work.  He is a homeschooled senior and is also taking classes at DCCC towards a degree in Diesel and Heavy Equipment Servicing.

Preferably, he would like to find a job that will allow him to further his knowledge in this field, however, he would be open to most jobs that would allow him to be active and using his hands. 

We are from Davie County and he has been searching in our area for a while, but most folks either want him to already have his high school diploma or they want someone full time or they are just not hiring right now. 

He is respectful and hardworking and will be a great asset to whomever hires him.

If your family or someone you know could use some part-time help, or if you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Thank you so much!

Lena Shook

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