Free dog

Crystal Desrosiers
03.10.2019 1:55:00
We have a brindled colored feist mix girl dog that has been spade and is up to date on her shots and is microchipped that we need to rehome. She also is up to date on heart worm prevents. She will be 2 May 1. She is 35lbs.
She is crate trained and as long as you read her ques, she is potty trained.

Her name is Remi and she needs to be a single dog. She is a very hyper breed and needs to be able to run. She needs a fenced yard. She knows basic commands of sitz (sit), plotz (lay down), and paw. While I mentioned she is hyper, when it’s just us adults and no teens or kids to provoke hyperness she’s actually very mellow. She loves to cuddle. She has the cutest butt wiggle when she’s wagging her tail.
I will say, make sure all clothes and anything you don’t want chewed up are out of her reach. We just have a part of the house that is dog proof, but now she will be living in the garage till we figure something out.

The reason we need to rehome her is because for some reason starting in January she started attacking another one of our dogs. Today was another very bad fight that she started and it’s either call animal control and she possibly gets put down or find her a home.
She would come with bowls, a kong toy, collar, and leash.
Please email me at if you are interested in her.


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