RISE ABOVE Exhibit at Spencer Transportation Museum Feb27 - Mar 3rd

Fred Wilson
02.27.2019 16:16:00

This is a follow up email sent to me from the RISE ABOVE exhibit that will be at the Spencer Transportation Museum Feb 27 - Mar 3rd
More info on Event is here: https://www.nctrans.org/Events/Red.aspx 

Mr Wilson, 

As part of our educational outreach, the Squadron curates and provides innovative educational resources for students, teachers, youth leaders and anyone looking to learn more and be inspired by these remarkable American trailblazers.


Please encourage them to download our free RISE ABOVE Resource Kit, it is full of activities, presentations and historic reference material that can be utilized to better prepare them for their experience watching the Rise Above movie in the traveling exhibit.. 


After the parents have had a chance to utilize the resources, encourage them  to complete the Teacher survey and have the students complete the Student survey if possible. Their feedback will help us continue to improve our educational materials so they may be the best resource possible to educators who want to bring the inspirational story of the Tuskegee Airmen alive in their school or organization!


After they completes the Teacher survey  on our website, have them enter the code REDVD and they will receive a free copy of the DVD, “Red Tail Reborn,” an award-winning documentary about the Tuskegee Airmen and the CAF Red Tail Squadron that will make an excellent addition to their teaching materials. 

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