How to become an RCHSA member


We would be honored to have your family as members of our homeschooling organization. Below you will find our requirements for membership. Should you have any questions about membership with RCHSA please do not hesitate to contact us.





Requirements for Membership


1. You must have notified the Division of Non-Public Education of your intent to operate a home school.

If your child will be between the ages of 7 and 15 for any part of the upcoming school year (ending next June
30) you must do so to be in compliance with the law. The RCHSA Board expects each member home school
to operate within the legal limits of NC state law. We also expect that children educated in member home
schools are receiving proper academic instruction. You can contact the DNPE office at: NC Department of
Non-Public Education, 1309 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1309, by phone (919) 733-4276, or

Please note that NC Virtual Schools/Charters/Academies DO NOT qualify as homeschooling by state statutes and therefore we are unable to accept members who utilize these programs. [Read More Here...]

2. As a member you agree to read and adhere to the bylaws of RCHSA

3. A member must operate their home school in compliance with North Carolina law.

4. A member signifies agreement with the purpose and ideals of RCHSA.

5. Because the association is made up of member families and all members benefit from the group activities, an ABSOLUTE condition of membership is that at least one parent in each family serve RCHSA in some capacity. (waived for members in their first year of homeschooling). This may be items such as assisting during a field trips, working on the yearbook commitee, setting up and cleaning up after events, etc.

6. Currently the annual membership fee is $35 per family; $20 if renewal is paid before June 30th each year. New memberships are $20 per family for the current school year regardless of registration date (late fee does NOT apply to new members). Note: All New Member registrations performed before June 1st will only be valid for the current school year and will require renewal for the next school year beginning August 1st. New Member registrations performed AFTER June 1st will be valid for the remainder of the current school year and the following school year.

7. Graduation Participation Notice. In order to participate in RCHSA graduation excercises a family must have been an active member of RCHSA no later than October 1st of the graduating school year.

8. In order to use the RCHSA website you must agree to the site terms and privacy policies set herein.


To Apply online simply click the button below. You can pay by credit/debit card (small processing fee) or you can complete the form and mail in a check. 


To Apply for membership offline simply download the membership application, complete it, and mail it to us with your membership payment.


Mission Statement

The Rowan County Home School Association is a Christ-centered homeschool support group. We offer our members the opportunity to participate in academic programs and social activities that strengthen and promote traditional family values. Education is a God-given right and the responsibility of parents.

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